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9550244033_57e9834b7b_kMy family and I came to our first WCO in 2013. We didn’t have any friends attending the event that year but rented an RV and set up camp right on the shore for four days anyway. We brought our boat out to the event with the single goal to have a good time. Our daughter who was 8 at the time hit the ground running only to check in for lunch and dinner as she had found a group of other little ones to run up and down the shore with. The best part of the weekend has to be the endless groups of complete strangers brought together by their love of the sport trading pulls and wondering down the shore board in hand looking for the next group of people to hit the water with. The crew of 6 to 8 people that we ride with almost every week was met almost entirely at the WCO event, after our first year. I signed up for clinics and to compete in the long board division in 2014 which was an absolute blast and will continue to do so for years to come. As a family we look forward to the WCO more then any other event of the year.

Derek & Megan Miller
Sacramento, CA