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Erika Sos
 I have learned so much riding with Dom Legace and Sean Cummings and my clinics with Dom on the EWT have taken my riding to the next level. When you ride with the pros, they are able to break down the tricks so you can master them.
webmail.bighead.netAllison Sos
Taking clinics with Chase Hazen and Chris Kinsey has allowed
me to go from an amateur to a Pro rider. It is so much FUN!

Kitty Sos
Getting a chance to learn from the Pro Riders has helped me coach my kids thru the season. The Pro riders give my kids homework to practice till the next event…it’s fun to see them master a trick….I think the pros are almost as proud as the mom is. The pros have the ability to teach at any level from beginner to Pro level riding.
I have been to most stops on the EWT,  all of them are fantastic.  I have met new people that are now great friends-we are all just family. I love watching the young riders bond at each event…they can’t wait to see each other and compete at the next event on the EWT.”
The WCO is an awesome event-great atmosphere, great people, and GREAT Surfing!
The Sos Family
Chico, CA