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11116679_1577702365826666_463979728_nThe West Coast Open is the my favorite event out of every tour stop!   I went to WCO 3 years ago for the first time knowing almost nobody.  We pitched a tent on the shore and anchored the boat 50 yards from us in the water.  By the end of that weekend I knew I was apart of a family that was irreplaceable!  Surfing isn’t just a sport, it’s a giant family that welcomes everybody with open arms! I remember I was talking to the top pro like we were best friends.  I promise you, nobody is a stranger.  At WCO you can walk down the beach past all the surfers camping and stop at any camp you want and sit down and hangout, the only questions that will be asked is what you want to eat or drink, not “why the heck are you at my camp”?
The best part of it is there are so many boats there, even if you’ve never met the owner they will take you out because that’s the way this family works!

Hunter Clement
Paradise, CA