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2015 Endless Wave Tour Photos

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Hula Boat Care and Lead Wake Ballast we can present to you all of the photos from the endless wave tour in their full resolution and without watermarks. You may view or download and do whatever you want with them. There are many thousands of pictures and we should have photos from every competitor. We have organized the images and have presented them in a way that we hope you enjoy.

hula boat care products

Hula Boat Care

Wake9 has been using Hula Boat Care products exclusively to make our boat beautiful and keep it that way. We put hundreds of hours on our boat and it gets very dirty with all of the use and the extra torture at the EWT events. Hula Boat Care has done a fantastic job and it will work on your boat also. The Gnarly Spot Remover and Wipe Out Vinyl cleaner are used on each and every outing.

Lead Wake Ballast

We have been using Lead Wake Ballast bags since we met Jared in 2008 at a Wakesurf event.¬†Whenever I see someone hauling lead blocks or chunks of steel into their boat and jacking up the interior, I think, “Bro, you need some Lead Wake”. Lead Wake Bags are the easiest ballast to haul or move around with their 50 lb size and super innovative easy to grab handle. Try them, you won’t regret it.