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The world’s best male and female wake surfers will compete for their share of a $40,000 Cash Purse.

Prize Money Breakdown

Please refer to each Tour Stop for Prize Money Breakdown details.

Prize Money for Ties

When there are ties, the money for the placements in question shall be combined and distributed equally rounded off to the nearest dollar. No extra prize money beyond the total amount specified shall be rewarded.

Dispersing of Prize Money

All money due to the athletes for the EWT shall be mailed to the athlete within 10 days after the tournament to an address specified by the rider. Rider is required to complete a W–9 form and the prize money will be paid directly to the appropriate rider only. No other person will be authorized to pick up prize money for another rider.

Prize Money Limited to Qualified Riders

Prize money will be paid to the top 3 “tour points” pro-level category winners based on the table below. Winners will be determined by adding the total points earned at each of 3 Tour Stops in the EWT and will be determined at the completion of the final event of the Tour. Trophies will be provided to the Top 3 in each “tour” category. Please refer to each  EWT Event Tour Stop for details regarding each individual event.