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We have opened more slots for the West Coast Wakesurf Open and Wake The Desert and the US Open of Wakesurf are now OPEN for registration. Don’t miss out on a clinic or Boat Demo at the West Coast Wakesurf Open.

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Register for the US Open of Wakesurf

Registration is now OPEN for the US Open of Wakesurf in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Sign up now to grab your spot in the competition or schedule your clinic.


One on One Clinics with the Pros

One on one clinics with experienced pros. All pros ride well, but these pros also know how to get you surfing your best. Nothing makes a great summer like trying new tricks, learning new techniques and progressing with the sport.


Fun Competition for All Riders

Young and old, boys and girls, skinny and not so skinny, pros and amateurs all come together to ride against others in their own division for some fun competition.

Competition Information

$40000 in Cash

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Cash Prizes

Insane Wakes

You Surf.  We adapt.  The all-new AVX Surf System featuring Surf Link™ gives the surfer full control,
right from the pocket.

Tige Wakes with AVX

Great Friends and Fun for All

There is no better group of people, than those involved in the wake surf community. Join us at an event and leave with new friends.

Tour Stops
West Coast Wakesurf Open

West Coast Wakesurf Open

Join us at the West Coast Wakesurf Open and you will leave with new friends for life. This event is one-of-a-kind. Wake surfers near and far bring their boats and are always willing to share. The surfing is off the hook, and you’re bound to get to ride on a boat you’ve never surfed.

wake the desert

Wake the Desert

Wake the Desert boasts the talent of the top wake surfers and wake boarders. It is Texas’ longest running water sports event. You won’t find a better place to enjoy the talent of the pros, the ambition of the up-and-comers, and the antics of the long boarding competition. This venue offers spectacular viewing and puts you up close and personal with the competitors.

u.s. open of wakesurfing

U.S. Open of Wakesurfing

The first ever U.S. Open of Wakesurfing will crown the prestigious championship titles in Fort Worth, TX. With live music and entertainment, the US Open will be the season’s premiere wakesurf event.

tigé boats

Sponsor: Tigé Boats

A design-driven boat company with a passion for creating the best wakesurfing boats and wakeboarding boats in the world. Tigé Boats manufactures a line of high-end inboard boats distributed through a worldwide network of Tigé dealerships. The company manufactures in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters located in Texas.


THE premiere Wake sport online competition.

Sponsor: is about a couple of families and their love for the sport of wakesurfing, and a couple of dads that love to experiment, and test products. Our primary goal is promote the sport of wakesurfing, and to specifically promote wakesurfing as the incredible family sport that it is.

boarders magazine

Boarders Magazine

Boarders Magazine is dedicated to inland surf sports: surfing, wake surfing and stand up paddle boarding from lakes to rivers to indoor surf machines and new surf technologies and a lifestyle wears flip flops and board shorts.

Wakesurfer Magazine

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We have made endless friendships along the EWT. If you attend any of the EWT events you will become part of a special family. Read More…

Mike & Angie Viland

Phoenix, AZ

The Endless Wave Tour is absolutely the most hilarious and awesome tour ever! Without a doubt you will have fun! Read More…

Hunter Clement

Paradise, CA

I signed up for clinics and to compete in 2014 which was an absolute blast and will continue to do so for years to come. Read More…

Derek & Megan Miller

Sacramento, CA

When you ride with the pros, they are able to break down the tricks so you can master them. Read More…

Erika Sos

Chico, Ca

West Coast Wakesurf Open

Wake the Desert

Texas Surf Showdown